Yankee Woes 

Yankee Woes

From NY Daily News:

Yanks up to neck in woes

Stiff Giambi forced out as Kyle and bats falter


The Yankees got another strong start from Mike Mussina, but their sputtering offense, missing two vital cogs, let them down again and so did Kyle Farnsworth, the reliever who botched last night's game in a rainy eighth inning.
The Yankees lost to Texas, 4-2, in front of 41,115 at the Stadium on a night they got only six hits for the second consecutive game. Not coincidentally, they've lost two in a row for the first time in a month.

The Yankees have scored only nine times in their past four games and only three times in their last two. Clearly, they miss injured stars Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield and now they hope they won't have to pine for Jason Giambi, who left last night's game with a strained neck after jamming it while diving to snare a grounder in the third inning.

While Giambi, who came out of the game after the seventh, said he didn't think the neck would be a big problem, Johnny Damon noted, "We need to stay away from injuries. Hopefully, we don't walk in (today) and see him down for a little bit.

"(The offense) is a major concern right now. We just didn't do anything with our bats. Hopefully, we can wake up (tonight). We're just swinging and missing right now and now's not the time to do it. We've got to pick up the slack.

"We're bad right now. We're awful."

The Yankees had beaten Texas eight straight times and seemed poised to do it again with a 2-0 lead and Mussina cruising. But he gave up two runs in the fifth and was saved from further damage by Bubba Crosby's leaping catch that turned a possible double by Michael Young into just a run-scoring sac fly.

Mussina went seven innings, allowing two runs and six hits as he recorded his ninth quality start in as many outings this year.

The Yankees, meanwhile, had little success against Rangers starter Kevin Millwood, who gave up five hits and two runs in seven innings. He constantly got ahead of Yankee hitters, robbing them of their ability to be patient.

The decisive eighth started when Gary Matthews, Jr. hit a ball down the left-field line off Farnsworth. He appeared to hold up at first, but Melky Cabrera slipped while trying to field the ball and Matthews ran to second with a double.

"He got a fastball that was up and away a little bit. He stuck the bat out there and hit it to the right space," Farnsworth said. "Nothing you can do about that."

One out later, Mark Teixeira singled to right on an 0-2 pitch to give Texas a one-run lead. Farnsworth said later it was a slider that was supposed to be down. "He just got a base hit," Farnsworth said. "They hit good pitches. It's just something you've got to deal with.

"Yeah, I left it up a little bit and he put a pretty good swing on it and hit this little blooper to right field. It's tough."

Rain, which had started earlier, got heavier as the inning wore on, but that didn't stop the Rangers. Farnsworth admitted the weather made pitching more difficult, "but everybody else had to deal with it. No excuses out there."

Phil Nevin followed with a walk and Hank Blalock blooped a single to left for another run. Teixeira beat Cabrera's throw home - the Yankee probably should've hit a cutoff man - but it actually worked in the Yanks' favor when Blalock tried to advance on the throw without realizing that Nevin was standing on second. Jorge Posada ran out and tagged Blalock for the second out and Farnsworth struck out Kevin Mench to end the inning.

In all, Farnsworth (1-1) allowed two runs, three hits and a walk in one inning. He also threw a wild pitch.

But the lack of offense, a lineup-wide malaise, is perhaps more of a concern.

Originally published on May 16, 2006

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