Best seats at Yankee games will cost $110 

Best seats at Yankee games will cost $110

Supporting baseball's biggest payroll will mean an increase in ticket prices for the New York Yankees, who are boosting the price of many of their best box seats over $100.

The Yankees said Friday they are raising the price of their box seats closest to the field by $5 to $20, depending on their row and location. The seats, known as field championship boxes, will sell for $110, $105, $100 and $95, up from $90 last season.

New York's best regular seats, which include waiter service, are available only as part of season ticket plans.

With many sections for next year already sold out because of season tickets, the price of the top seat available in advance for individual game sales will be $55 for lower deck reserved, an increase of $5. Those seats will sell for $57 on the days of games.

Upper deck reserved seats will remain unchanged: $17 as part of season tickets, $19 in advance of individual games and $20 on days of games. Bleacher seats will remain at $10 as part of season tickets and $12 for individual games.

The Yankees open their season April 3 at Oakland and play their home opener April 11 against Kansas City. Individual game tickets go on sale Dec. 16.

New York had a payroll of about $205 million last season, when it lost to the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the playoffs. The Yankees had 43 sellouts at home and drew an AL record 4,090,696 fans at home last season.

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