Yanks offer Bowa third base coach job 

Yanks offer Bowa third base coach job

Larry Bowa has been offered the job of third base coach for the Yankees next season, the former Phillies manager told MLB.com on Thursday.
Bowa, who has been working this season as a baseball commentator for ESPN and XM Radio, said he has had several conversations in the past two days with Yankees manager Joe Torre and general manager Brian Cashman, and he expects to speak to Cashman again this weekend.

Bowa said he hasn't made up his mind about whether he wants to take the position.

"We're still talking," he said.

Cashman couldn't be reached for comment.

One of the sticking points for Bowa apparently is whether Cashman will return in the same capacity next season. Cashman's current contract expires at the end of the month and he has yet to make a decision.

Bowa had many years of experience as a third base coach in between his two managing stints for the Padres in 1987-88 and the Phillies from 2001 to 2004. He took the third base coach job in Philadelphia after the Padres dismissed him during the 1988 season and held the post until Terry Francona became the Phillies manager in 1997.

After that, Bowa worked for three years on the third base line for the Angels under Terry Collins and then one year under Lou Piniella with the Mariners. He replaced Francona as the skipper in Philadelphia in 2001 and had a .522 winning percentage (337-308) in his four seasons with the Phillies.

Bowa was dismissed, though, when the Phillies were unable to make the playoffs in 2004, as was general manager Ed Wade after this past season. Wade hired and dismissed Bowa, replacing him last year with Charlie Manuel.

Bowa has generated some interest this offseason for managing opportunities in Oakland and Los Angeles. His name is also on a list of candidates to manage Team USA next March in the first World Baseball Classic, said Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's vice president of on-field discipline and general manager of Team USA.

The Yankees are currently in the process of overhauling their coaching staff. Torre announced last week that he would return in 2006 for his 11th season as the team's manager. But since the Angels eliminated the Yankees in this year's American League Division Series, pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre has retired and bench coach Joe Girardi was named to replace the departed Jack McKeon as manager of the Marlins.

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